Author: Elizabeth Grant

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Using Integrated Tools and Processes

IT support, also known as managed support or outsourced technical support, are the technical support offerings that companies make to third parties of their computer applications, networks, or information. The IT support service provider (ISP) provides maintenance, support, upgrades, installs, troubleshoot, and migrate technologies using an integrated set of tools and process that will help

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The Duties of the IT Support Specialist

An IT support specialist is an experienced customer support specialist with an impressive background in software and computer technology. These professionals are responsible for assisting clients overcoming any technical difficulties that they might encounter. They also help to resolve problems that might occur due to hardware, software or both. An IT specialist can be divided

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5 Reasons Why SEO Is Important For Your Business

Whether you are a new business or a well-established one, you can benefit from SEO for your business. The digital ecosystem is increasingly becoming an essential part of the sales funnel, and brands must pay close attention to their SEO strategies. Despite its importance, many business owners still overlook SEO in their quest to gain